Ashley Watson


Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Academic Talks

Curated list of invited lectures, presentations, and public talks.

                                           Invited Lectures

Presenter, “Inaugural Fall 2022 Brown Bag Webinar,” Global Migration and Study Abroad and International Students SIGs, 2022 
Lecture, “Critical lens on international education and service learning,” Race in Everyday Space (PSY 1916), Minneapolis, MN 2022

Guest Speaker, “The racial identity development of international Black African collegians in US higher education,” Global Nebraska Coalition for Diversity and Inclusion, 2020

Panelist, “Advancing social justice through international education,” University of Minnesota Global Programs and Strategy Alliance, 2020 
Lecture, “Why study cross-cultural communication,” Cross-Cultural Communication and Cultural Diversity (SOC 4090), Cookeville, TN 2019 

                                       Juried Presentations

Presenter, “The precarity and immutability of Black international educators," Common Ground Consortium, 2022 
Panelist, “Integrated futures of solidarity across the African Diaspora (Highlighted Session),” Comparative and International Development Education, Minneapolis, MN 2022

Facilitator, “International education practice with a lens towards race and racism,” Race and Racism Sub-Group, Critical Internationalization Studies Network, 2021 
Presenter, “A tale of two communities: Supporting international students through communities of practice,” Paper presentation at National Association for Multicultural Education, Memphis, TN 2018

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